UKSDWhat is the Space Design Competition?  The year is 2087 and we have been set a task whereby our company is required to collaborate with others to design a habitat on the Moon that can house 350 people. What materials will we use? How will we care for our population’s mental health? How will we educate the children? What power source is appropriate? Welcome to the UK Space Design challenge!

In the regional heats 2 schools are combined to create a company of 24 students and compete against 4 other teams. They have 10 hours to produce a presentation which is then judged by leaders in the field of Aeronautics. This hugely challenging task attracts the best minds in the country and competition is fierce.  

On 18th November a group of students from Ardingly College competed in the regional heat at Bede’s. It was a pressurised and stressful environment especially as Bede’s have had many previous successes and have sent students to NASA to compete on the Global stage. However, our students stayed cool, calm and collected and worked with vigour and intelligence to create one of the finest presentations the audience had ever seen. They won the challenge and have now booked their spot at the National competition held at Imperial University on 17th and 18th March 2018. At the National competition the students will collaborate with 3 other schools to compete against 200 students. If they win they will be invited on a trip to compete at NASA.  Wishing them the best of luck for the next round.