Ardingly College leads the way with new House facilities – GO GIRLS!!

We are delighted to announce the relocation and refurbishment of our Girls houses. Following considerable investment the Girls boarding houses of Aberdeen & Toynbee, now house 65 girls from Shell to Lower Sixth. Upon return the girls have been thrilled with the bigger space, new furniture & furnishings installed in the latest cool designs, and fantastic communal areas with each house having it’s own modern kitchen, vast lounge dining area and a separate TV room – plenty of space to connect and have fun!  Situated in a beautiful location on the campus the houses have many rooms overlooking our 230 acre beautiful Sussex landscape to ensure the girls have peace & quiet to study and relax.

The Neal Girls day house not to be outdone has relocated to the heart of the campus and is just a quick stroll away from the other girls houses. It has also received a complete refresh with a brand new open plan top floor modern common room with all new soft furnishings and a 

new kitchen including fridge, oven and microwave. Externally the house has also received a make -over with a new glass entrance walk in with borders of beautiful flowers.