Meet the Admissions Team

Welcome to the Admissions section of our website.

Ardingly College welcomes students who are passionate to learn. We encourage our students to embrace all the opportunities that our school has to offer, both in terms of academic and personal development.

We understand how confusing the process of choosing a school can be for your child and these pages are designed to help support you through the journey.

We encourage our families who have expressed in an interest in the school to primarily attend an open morning.

An Open Morning provides an excellent opportunity to see the school in its entirety. At the Senior School Open Morning you are able to design your own agenda which includes a personalised set of talks, an individual tour around the college with a student to ask all of those tricky questions, listen to, meet the Headmaster and attend a buffet lunch to meet teachers and Admissions staff.

Following your visit to an open morning and for those international families who could not attend an open morning we offer a personal morning visit.

Suzanne O’Shea





Suzanne O'Shea, Registrar

Nikki Whale, Deputy Registrar

Cathy Deller, Assistant Registrar Sixth Form, Years 10 and 11 entry inc overseas

Lucy Casdagli, Assistant Registrar Year 7 entry