Academic Competition

With our ongoing committment to addressing the urgent issue of environmental sustainability, an Academic Competition was held to complement our lecture series on sustainability. We invited Senior School students to participate, encouraging them to research various sustainability and climate change topics and produce creative outputs such as presentations, infographics, short stories, and academic posters.

Through the competition’s ten tasks, covering different subject areas, we challenged our students to deepen their understanding of sustainability within their areas of interest. Our aim was to raise environmental awareness and promote positive action towards a greener planet.

The departmental subjects  were as follows:

  • Art & Photography – Creation & Destruction: The Art of Waste
  • Biology – Is fishing sustainable?
  • Business – Going Green or just Greenwashing? The Importance of Sustainability in the Modern Business World
  • Design & Technology – How can we make products more sustainable?
  • Economics – The Drive to Net-Zero: Pitch your Policy
  • Geography – What makes a sustainable city?
  • History – From Theory to Reality to Calamity: 200 Years of Climate Science, Change, and Emergency
  • Modern Languages – “Hear All About It!”: A Sustainability Broadcast
  • Psychology – “This is a Public Service Announcement”: How can we make people recycle more?