Embracing Technology

Utilising Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Surfaces introduced in 2020  as part of our Digital Strategy. Lessons are taught using the latest technology at our disposal.  Working with one-note and cloud-based resources, teachers can deliver interactive lessons, with students taking notes, completing tasks and receiving feedback via their surfaces. During class-taught lessons students are able to work on their Surfaces and interact with their teacher. Homework is set, completed, submitted and marked on-line. Not only does this deliver a very effective method of teaching, it makes life so much easier for students organisation of their busy day and they are no longer weighed down by paper files.

All students from Year 7 upwards have their own personal Surface computer. Students in younger years are introduced to technology as part of the curriculum.

Having introduced the Surfaces to students at the beginning of the academic year in 2019 we were in a fortunate position to almost seamlessly transfer all lessons to virtual learning during lockdown. They continued to prove invaluable as a hybrid model of learning was adopted to accommodate students that were delayed in returning to school. The surfaces also enabled social distanced learning as the teacher is able to interact via the screen live, to ‘see’ the student’s work.