The students and staff at Ardingly College take sustainability very seriously. We are delighted to report the following key achievements in terms of improving our carbon footprint and our waste management across the College:

Carbon produced from energy consumption reduced by 26% or 534 tonnes over 5 years by:

  • Installing a 500kw biomass boiler
  • Installing photovoltaic cells on the roof of Burgess House and STEM
  • Installing air source heat pumps
  • Installing more energy-efficient boilers, lights, pumps, and other electrical equipment

Waste management

  • Zero waste has been sent to landfill since 2014
  • General waste reduced by 32% across the Senior school over the past 4 years
  • Recycling waste streams expanded and includes: Paper, cardboard, plastics, food, metals, wood, electrical items, glass, fluorescent tubes, cooking oils, batteries, grounds vegetation and clothing.

Enrichment programme

Most 5th form students study the following themes:

  • Definitions of environmental awareness
  • The ways in which humans are impacting on the environment
  • Exploration of the solutions to some of the world’s environmental issues. Topics covered include climate change, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution and ecological footprints.

The Solar Car

This is a wonderful example spearheaded by the College in terms of promoting solar energy and educational understanding to a new generation.

We are delighted to have recently won the TES award for Science, Technology and Engineering Team of the year 2020.




Additional to these achievements, we are delighted to share our ambitious goal from the Prep school …Prep school Eco-School are aiming to achieve the Green Flag bronze award by end of Trinity term 2021 and then go for Silver and Gold awards.