A view ‘Removed’.

A 'returnee'

After a fun summer all the boys gathered together to compare results and share holiday adventures. The lower 6th were looking the business in there new suits. We went to the sports hall for a house football match where we got to scout the new talent that had joined the house. Mr Walters did a great job learning our names although struggled to pronounce the occasional name. But after a few tongue twisters he soon got them right. Mr B has ably supported Mr Walters and after only two weeks it has felt like hes been here for much longer

It's been an interesting few weeks meeting the new boys, getting back into routine and learning the schedules.  We can only wait for the next few weeks, hopefully they'll be as good as the first.

Joe R-D.

A 'newbie'

My first full week at Ardingly. These are my experiences so far. The first three days I was here was nerve racking. I was a little homesick, I had trouble remembering names, fitting in and it was outside my comfort zone, I had never experienced something like this before. When we all gathered on Monday morning I felt that it was a new beginning, a new chapter in my life and I was nervous unsure as to what would take place next in these upcoming days. During this past week I made a lot of new relationships, friends in different years but above all I felt that I was beginning to fit in. Meeting all the teachers for the first time was a bit unsettling but once the lessons started to go past the more I got used to it and the more I felt at home.

Julian J.