A Star Success


GCSE resultsNow here’s a question: If 25 Ardingly College students each take an IGCSE Maths exam six months earlier than the rest what percentage of them will achieve the top A* grade?
Answer: 100%
Top marks go to 25 students from Year 11 who have all achieved A* in their early entry IGCSE Maths. 
They have just received their results, following the exam in January.  Particular praise goes to Ethan Pizano, Sophie Crooks and Tom Cunningham, who all averaged more than 95% in the two papers. Sophie scored 100% in Paper 1, as did Constantin Wegener. 
Ardingly College Head of Academic Systems Paul Ryan explained that the pupils sat the Edexcel IGCSE 6 months early and that it was the first time in four years that, without exception, every single student had achieved the top grade possible in this challenging early-entry exam.  He said they would now go on to take the Free Standing Maths Qualification (FSMQ) in the summer. “This will ensure that this top set of students will be fully prepared for the level of mathematics they will encounter at A Level or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.”