A Level Results, Smiles and Celebrations!

Last year’s A Level and BTEC Ardingly leavers are celebrating a fabulous set of results and the prospect of moving successfully on to their chosen universities.

As the first cohort to have taken back-to-normal exams without pandemic concessions since 2019, they can be really pleased with the fruits of their academic labours.  A third of the A Level cohort achieved a full set of A*s and A grades and 2/3rds got at least two A*s or As.  This has enabled all but a small handful to secure places at their top university choices, among the most popular this year being the Bristol, Exeter and Bath in the South-West and LSE, UCL and King’s in London.

A range of subjects featured among the top grades, including Further Maths, Philosophy, Politics, Business Studies, Drama and Music in which all entries were graded A*-B; Maths, Chemistry, History, Geography and Art (over 90% A*-B) and Biology, Physics, Economics and Psychology (over 80% A*-B).


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) proved particularly useful both for students’ intellectual development and university admission, with 87% graded A* or A.  Completing an extended project is evidently valued by universities and is recognised as a valuable additional qualification in securing good university places.


These results show a continuation of academic achievement at Ardingly, with a higher proportion of top grades than in 2019 or any previous year in which normal exam and assessment conditions applied.  Remarkably, the 2023 cohort out-performed even last year’s leavers in the proportion of A*-B grades.  Congratulations and best wishes as you prepare for the next step.




Ben Figgis, Head of College