5-Year Results Success Story


2017 exam results confirm continuous academic improvement 

Our aim is to improve grade outcomes for our pupils without compromising the breadth of opportunities that is the hallmark of life at Ardingly. The fruits of the hard work of our students and teachers can be seen in consistent grade improvement over the last five years, which is illustrated below.

Congratulations in particular to the 2017 GCSE, A Level and IB students who posted the best ever College results, and more importantly secured excellent grades with which to progress to the next stage of their education. School has been about much more than just grades for them, so it is wonderful to celebrate these results alongside everything else they have achieved and experienced at school.

Ben Figgis, Headmaster

Exam results

A Level and IB Diploma combined 2017 results:

  •        59% of entries were graded A*-A or 7-6  

  •        88% of entries were graded A*-B or 7-5

  •  98% of entries were graded A*-C or 7-4

A Levels

2017 results:

  •       44% of entries graded A*-A

  •       83% of entries graded A*-B

  •       96% of entries graded A*-C

 A Level 2017 top performers

Adam Housby A*A*A*A
Phoebe Tuckett A*A*A A
Ciara Branagan A*A*A*
Oliver Hendrikse A*A* B
Alan Suen A*A* BB
Emily Spiers A*A A
Millie Searl A*A A
Toby Brann A*A A
Rebecca Chee A*A A
Rebecca Holmes A*A A
Ashley Johnston A*A A



IB Diploma

2017 results:

  •       Average points score 37.

  •       72% of entries were graded 7-6

  •       92% of entries were graded 7-5

  •       99% of entries were graded 7-4


IB Diploma 2017 top performers

William Inglesfield                       43 points
Emily Biggs                                 43 points
Giulia Zileri Dal Verme                42 points
Pietro Capuozzo                          42 points
Violaine Stevenin                         41 points
Oliver Hernandez Fernandez      41 points
Selma Daut                                 41 points
Lisa Brautigam                            41 points
Raul Adriensen                            41 points
Allegra Hohn Honari                    40 points
Julien Vermeesch                        39 points
Sofia Rondon                              39 points
Nicole Ng                                     39 points
Anna Hatchenthal                        39 points
Nicola Evans                               39 points
Leone Trascinelli                         39 points
Lennart Fleur                               38 points
Oliver Ferres                               38 points

University placement

  • 100% of university applicants had offers confirmed by or on A Level results day 2017.
  • 97% of university applicants had offers from their 1st or 2nd choice university.
  • 88% of university applicants had offers from their 1st choice university. 
  • 16 students were offered a place at a university ranked in the top 20 World Wide.  (QS World University Rankings)

GCSE results


2017 results:

  •      66% of entries graded A*-A

  •      89% of entries graded A*-B

  •      98% of entries graded A*-C

GCSE 2017 top performers

Tom Cunningham        11 A*, 1A
Ben Belcher                 11 A*s
Sophie Crooks             11 A*s
Max Murphy                 11 A*s

31 students in total achieved all A*s and A grades:

Neil Badger, Alice Barthel, Matthew Batley, Ashley Bradshaw, Luke Cargan, Tom Clark, Sophie Dietrich, Isaac Goodwin, Fabian Gordon, Josefine Kirsch, Alexandra Mayr, Christine Mayr, Ferdinand Mayr, Leonard Musahl, Moanna Newington, Konstantin Niewerth, Zoe Pattison, Ethan Pizano, Steven Pontikos, Anya Popattanachai, Sina Pralle, Johanna Schmid, Hannah Smith, Ben Steiner, Emma Tardrew, Stephanie Tiu, Constantin Wegener.