The Houses

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An extensive house relocation and refurbishment programme has taken place over the last year, resulting in modern accommodation for all the girls in a community atmosphere on the West side of the campus, mirroring that of the boys on the East

On arrival, every student is assigned to a House, The new House is their base, a safe and happy environment in which to develop, learn and experience new opportunities.  Encouraging independence, self-reliance and co-operation is an important part of what we do, but House life is also about having fun and making friends for life.

Houses each have their own distinct character. Facilities include Wi-Fi throughout, common rooms equipped with satellite television, DVD player, Apple TV, games consoles, piano and pool table. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen, computer room and quiet room. 

Singing and matches all help engender House spirit - every student will tell you their House is the best! Students get involved in running social events such as Oktoberfest, Chinese New Year, Progressive suppers, Burns’ Night and even Roller discos.  These social events are in addition to regular weekend trips ,like shopping at Bluewater, going to see West End productions and visiting the Harry Potter studios.