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In the Prep School Boarding House we develop independence in our girls and boys who learn new skills which they can use at home.

Boarding, whether it is for one night a week or five nights, is complementary to home life. As well as enjoying the wonderful facilities in the evenings, boarders also have dedicated 'Constructive Time', where they are supported with their reading and class work. They can also learn new skills such as cooking a two course meal, using the washing machine   or even sewing on a button (more details of these challenges can be found in the 'Born to Board' award booklet). The academic support our boarders receive gives them the confidence they need to tackle their classroom challenges, whilst at the same time they are able to develop valuable social skills by being part of a community that thrives through tolerance and understanding of all who are part of it.

Catherine Gardner
House Parent
Flexi Boarding

Boarding arrangements are very flexible. There are options from weekly boarding , five nights a week,  to a regular one-night stay. Casual arrangements are available, too.

Children are also able to stay for one-off special boarding events. Pupils may board any number of nights during term-time. The cost includes bed, breakfast - and evening cocoa!