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ALP Solar - Ardingly students attempt to build a solar powered car

ALP Solar is a highly ambitious whole school engineering project to design and build a solar powered car to race from Darwin to Adelaide. This project is aimed to expose our students to the latest technologies in such areas as materials, controls, programming, mechanics, and aerodynamics. The project requires close collaboration with a wide range of industries and university departments. This will bring top institutions straight into Ardingly. The dialogue will be a way forward in educating and empowering our students for the highly competitive market place. Already from initial inquiries made over the Christmas holidays there have been extremely positive responses from major companies and there has been direct help and encouragement from Old Ardinian Ben Stabler who raced the Stanford’s 2009 Solar car.

In Ardingly the project was only presented to the students in January  through a series of presentations and the response has been amazing with over 40 students from Year 9 through to the Sixth Form applying for roles in the project. At the end of January  Ardingly students were invited to visit Cambridge University to see their solar car and 14 students from the preparatory school through to the sixth form asked pertinent questions as they toured the engineering facilities at one of our top universities.

There are so many reasons not to do this project; it is huge and quite daunting. However, we firmly believe that the enthusiasm and character of our Ardinians will conquer the problems ahead. The project really is ‘driven’ by the enthusiasm of our students.

Please follow ALP Solar for all the latest news and developments on this exciting and very ambitious engineering project.

Please click here to see the impact our students made on the Cambridge University Blog page >>

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